Smart City Indore

Smart City Challenge: Indore

Smart cities ‘Challenge’ or competition is the method to select cities for funding and using a strategy of area-based development. Indore has carried one of the widest citizen’s engagement programme for shaping of vision, goals & strategies, selection & planning of ABD & Pan-city proposal. The exercise was extensive both in terms of participation as well as diversity of mediums used. The extent of citizens involved more than 25% of the city population (with 591965 interactions through all mediums). And Indore having historical background starting from the 1800’s is a challenge accepted by the city to make its identity stronger and enhance its associational values.

Indore has been successful in the competition for implementation of smart solutions in the first phase on the basis of its Smart city proposal (SCP). This SCP consisted of an AREA- BASED DEVELOPMENT (ABD) as well PAN-City solution. The Proposal was scored based on the quality of city-level criteria like vision and goals, strategic plan etc. and the quality of proposals for ABD as well as PAN-city solution.