Indore was selected as one of the first twenty cities to be developed as Smart Cities under Smart Cities Mission. Vision of Indore Smart City envisages:

Imagining Indore to Inherit, Innovate, Include, Incubate and Invest for an ideal world class smart commercial metropolis that thrives on investment opportunities, incubating business and ideas, rich inheritance and inclusive development.

Aligning Indore with the national goals of Smart City Mission, the key themes emerging are:

  • Integration of IT applications in urban infrastructure for better reliability and efficiency
  • Restoration of rich Cultural and Economic Heritage
  • Improved urban mobility to sustain the rapid urbanization
  • Inclusive urban governance and citizen services
  • Robust safety and surveillance
  • Creation of city-level recreational spaces and revitalization of the riverfront

Key components of the project include:


Smart City Project emphasizes retrofitting of Rajwada (742 acres area) to transform the core of Indore into a vibrant central business district. The project would transform the old, chaotic and congested city core with traditional markets into efficient and integrated area while protecting its integrity as historical, social and cultural center.


At present, Indore with a population of nearly 3 million has transformed from regional commercial hub to a modern dynamic commercial and educational capital of the Central India.


Indore Municipal Corporation has made a name for itself for smart execution of various programmes “A+” which reflects the administrative and financial strength of the municipal corporation.

In the Swachh Survekshan 2017, a nationwide survey of 434 cities and towns conducted by the Government of India, Indore was declared as the cleanest city in India. This is testament to the commitment and efficiency of Indore’s local government machinery towards making Indore a truly smart city.

Indore Smart City Development Limited (ISCDL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle floated by the partnership of Indore Municipal Corporation and Madhya Pradesh Urban Development Corporation which integrates vision of both Central Government and State Government.

ISCDL is bestowed with support of people who are central to the Smart City Mission, guidance of the administration committed to improve the city, availability of funds for project implementation and flexibility of operation for timely and efficient decision-making.

Organizational Structure:

Collector, Indore District is the Chairman of the Company.

Commissioner, Indore Municipal Corporation is the Executive Director of the Company.

Key Management Personnel are: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary.

Key Departments in ISCDL are: Finance & Accounts Department, Administration Department, Technical Department.

Three major consultancy works assigned by ISCDL are:

  • Technical & Administrative Support Unit – M/s Eptisa Servicios De Ingeneira SL, Spain
  • Project Development, Management and Monitoring Consultant for ICT based Smart Solutions – M/s KPMG Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Project Development and Management Consultant for Area-Based Development Project – M/s Knight Frank JV M/s Rudrabhishek Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from these, ISCDL has also appointed some architectural, engineering and planning consultants for various specific requirements.


Preliminary list of projects was prepared and approved under ‘Smart City Proposal’.

Current list of projects is as under. Individual projects may be in different stages.

No. Project Name
1 Built Heritage Conservation Gopal Mandir
2 Heritage Street Development Heritage‐focus (1.5 km)
3 Slum Housing Lodha Colony and Sethi Nagar (960 units)
4 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 11KV & LT Underground Cabling System with  Compact Substation on Biyabani and Subhash Marg, Indore under Smart City Mission
5 Riverfront development works between Rambag Bridge to Krishnapura Bridge
6 Riverfront Development ‐ Jawahar Bridge to Chandrabhaga Bridge
7 Riverfront Development ‐ Chandrabhaga Bridge to Harsiddhi Bridge and Harsiddhi Park
8 Implementation of Command Control and Communications Centre
9 Improvement of Roads (Raj Mohalla to Bada Ganpati)
10 Smart Health System
11 Supply, Installation, Implementation and Maintenance of GPS based Vehicle Tracking Solution  (VTS) for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), CCTV Cameras at Community & Public Toilets and  Integration of Weighbridge at Devguradia Landfill Site
12 Redevelopment of Jinsi Haat Bazaar & Construction of Ancillary Buildings
13 Construction of Chandrabhaga Bridge
14 Construction of Central Median and Erection of Electrical Pole on Biyabani Road & Subhash  Marg, Indore.
15 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at Sangam Nagar under Smart City Mission
16 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at IT Park Indore under Smart City Mission
17 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at Star Square MR‐10 Indore under Smart City Mission
18 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at Lalbag Indore under Smart City Mission
19 Built Heritage Conservation Chhatri Bagh ( Hari Rao Holkar Chhatri)
20 Improvement of Roads (Vyas Bridge to Bada Ganpati and Bada Ganpati to Jinsi Bus Depot)
21 Implementation of Smart Classrooms in Government Schools in Indore
22 Facade Development Street 1‐ Rajwada Precinct
23 Development of Multilevel Car Parking in different locations of ABD Area‐ Various Locations
24 Smart Poles Project including CCTV, Environmental Sensors, WiFi, C4 Integration, OFC, etc.  (under PPP)
25 Improvement of Roads (Mhow Naka to Tori Corner)
26 App. for citizen & safai mitra for data compilation on prim. & second. waste collection  (Indore311)
27 Design, Develp., implementation and 0&M of Integrated SWM inc. Aadhar‐based Biometric attd.  syst.
28 Implementation of waste‐to‐ energy plant on PPP Model
29 Supp.,erect. & commis. of Tranf. Stn. Equip. 6no. Static Compac. sys. with Loading  mechanm.&18n deta
30 U.G.cabling in ABD area with Comp. Sub stn. & SCADA sys. with related grid SS upgrad.  work
31 Construction of 7 Community Toilets & Public Toilets
32 Supp and establish of const & demolition waste processing plant of 100TPD capacity at  Devguradiya
33 Bioremediation/ Biomining  of old dumped MSW at Devguradiya Dumping Ground
34 Supp & comm of 1.0TPD cap org waste converter machine with O&M‐3yr for treat of MSW at  Nehru Park
35 Supp & commisng of 1.0TPD cap org waste converter machine with O&M‐3yr for treatment of  MSW  at ZOO.
36 Supp & comm of 2.5TPD cap. Drum waste composting mach with O&M‐3yr for treat of MSW at  Regional Park
37 RF & Park Devlp Works betn Krishnapura Bridge to Jawahar Marg Bridge, Const of Parking Fac &  Shops
38 Solar Power plants on terraces / roofs of  buildings and in open unused areas 33.5 MW
39 Smart parking mang (sensors, hardware, software, App devt, smart cards) for MLCP‐3 LOC under  PPP Mod
40 Supp, inst & comm of 20TDP cap Bio‐metha Plant with O&M for treat of org MSW at Choitram  Mandi‐ VGF
41 Networking Work at Smart City Office, Nehru Park, Indore
42 “Develp. of Integrated Smart Road Network i/c Jawahar Marg Bridge in ABD Area, Indore
43 Supp, inst & comm 15TPD cap Bio‐methanation plant with O&M for treat of Org MSW at  Kabitkhedi on VGF
44 Conservation, Restoration & Redevelopment of Rajwada, Indore
45 Construction of Garbage Transfer near Azad Nagar, Indore under Smart City Mission
46 Development of Public urinals 100 nos. inc O&M and Management at various locations on PPP  model
47 Redevelopment of MOG Lines area ‐ MOG Barracks Land Parcel under PPP model
48 Redevelopment of MOG Lines area ‐ Kukkut Palan Kendra Land Parcel under PPP model
49 Riverfront Development ‐ Harsiddhi Bridge to Gangour Bridge
50 Riverfront Development ‐ Gangour Bridge to Jairam Bridge
51 Riverfront Development ‐ Jairam Bridge to Lal Bagh Bridge
52 Improvement of Water Supply & Sewerage Systems in ABD Area of Indore Smart City and O&M  for 10 years
53 Construction and widening of Vyas Bridge at Bada Ganpati Indore
54 Development of Integrated Smart Road Network ‐ Balance Roads in ABD Area  Indore under SCM
55 Incubation centre/ Skill development centre‐2
56 Conservation and Restoration of Krishnapura Chhatris
57 Solar Power plants on terraces / roofs of buildings / 160 KW
58 Establishment of Building and Interiors for C4
59 Infrastructural & Building Development Works of 3 Schools under Smart City Mission, Indore ‐  Group 1
60 Infrastructural & Building Development Works of 1 School under Smart City Mission, Indore ‐  Group 2
61 Infrastructural & Building Development Works of 3 Schools under Smart City Mission, Indore ‐  Group 3
62 U.G.cabl in ABD with Comp. Sub stn.& SCADA sys. with related grid SS upgrad. Work  balance
63 Allotment of space for advertisement on 100 Public urinals in Indore on license basis for 5 years
64 Allotment of space for advertisment on 80 Community/public toilets (CT/PT) in indore on license  basi
65 Civil works for Construction & Demolition collection and  transfer center at Kabitkhedi
66 Civil works for Construction & Demolition collection and  transfer center at IT Park
67 Civil works for Construction & Demolition collection and  transfer center at  Gandhi Nagar
68 Construction of  Shed for Garbage Drum compost Plant at Regional Park
69 Construction of  Shed for Garbage Drum compost Plant at Nehru Park
70 Construction of  Shed for Garbage Drum compost Plant at Zoo.
71 Construction of Additional shed at Garbage Transfer Station Located at Sanwer Road in sector F.
72 Construction of Shed at Garbage transfer Station located at Dhar Road in Zone‐ 16
73 Supply of 2.0 TPD  Bio Methanation near Star Square
74 Civil work for construction and demolition collection and transfer center at Ahirkhedi
75 Boundary Wall Construction Work for Biomethanation Plant at Choithram Sabji Mandi
76 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station near Rajshahi Hotel, Dhakkan Wala Kua.
77 Supp Erect & Comm of transfer Stn Equip 17nos. Static Compaction Sys with Load Mechn & 30  Detach
78 Civil work & covering for constr & demolit waste treatment plant at trenching grn Nemawar road  Devgu
79 Traffic Management (RVT, Fleet Management System, PIS), AVL and AFCS
80 Installation of Smart LED Streetlights in ABD Area
81 Construction of Garbage Transfer Stations at Kabitkhedi, Sanwer Road and Sirpur
82 Installation and Operation of Public Bicycle Sharing System in Indore

Interested persons may seek information about ISCDL and projects by submitting their requests at any of the following:





Nehru Park Campus, Indore (Week-days: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2 pm to 6:30 pm)

0731-253 5572 (Week-days: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2 pm to 6:30 pm)

Suggestions, Complaints & Grievances:

Relevant information is as below:

Grievance Redressal Policy

ISCDL’s Grievance Redressal Policy has been formulated in line with guidelines of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (GoI).

This policy is created with the following objects:

Prompt redressal of every public grievance

Safeguarding the rights and dignity of Citizens

Enforcing higher standards of accountability on officers and staff of the department by taking disciplinary action against erring staff in select cases Gaining insight into the working of the system through citizen feedback with a view to effecting appropriate changes in the system

Using public grievance as an input for the functioning of the department’s vigilance machinery

Timeframes for Complaint Resolution:

Site issues: T+3 working days

Design issues: T+5 working days

Execution issues: T+7 working days

Permission / Approval / NOC issues: T+7 working days

Fraud cases, legal cases and cases which need retrieval of documents and records > 3 months old: T+10 working days

For all other complaints which do not fall under the above categories: T+15 working days

Procedure for Complaint Resolution:

Level 1: Grievance Redressal Officer

A Citizen can approach any of the 1st levels indicated below for resolution of an issue:





ISCDL Office, Nehru Park Campus, Indore

0731-253 5572

Resolution timeframe at this level is as per the ‘Timeframes for Complaint Resolution’.

If the resolution offered is not up to the satisfaction levels of the Citizen then he should refer the matter to Level 2 through the CRM with proper case gist and reason for referral, with help from the Grievance Redressal Officer.

Level 2: Chief Executive Officer

Once the Grievance Redressal Officer refers the complaint to the Chief Executive Officer, he should review the Case.

Resolution timeframe at this level is 10 working days.

The Chief Executive Officer should reach at the resolution after due diligence and should inform the Citizen and update its comments in the CRM.

If the resolution offered is not up to the satisfaction levels of the Citizen then he should refer the matter to Level 3 through the CRM with proper case gist and reason for referral, with help from the Grievance Redressal Officer.

Level 3: Executive Director

The Executive Director will assess the complaint and based on the decision respond to the Citizen.

Resolution timeframe at this level is 10 working days.