Figure: Sewerage Network in ABD Area

The existing sewerage network is very old. It was laid in 1936 during Holkar’s State and outlived their life. There is no House Service connection at some places of the project area due to conservancy lanes. The existing sewerage network consists of 36.11 Km in length.

Present Disposal

Area is connected with Primary and secondary sewerage network lines. But at some places Sewage disposal is connected with storm network or disposed off in natural drains or in street open drains.

Gap Assessment

  • Sewerage System :The Sewerage system in Project area has been laid during the Holkar state in 1936. Overall city is not covered with sewerage generation and most of the lines are old and not able to cater the sewage. Hence, augmentation of sewerage network is required.
  • Sewerage Collection :At per present scenario, primary sewerage network is laid under JNNURM and collection system was developed by IDA & IMC in patches. The linking between Secondary to primary network is lacking. At few places, the secondary networks are disposed off in natural drain. However, to stop this disposal IMC has initiated nallah tapping project and other project to connect such disposal and connect the collection system to the primary network so that complete sewer will carry through the pipe and will be treated at STP.

Future Demand

Based on the demand calculation of water and standard assumption of sewage generation @ 80% of water demand, total sewage generation is calculated to be 21 MLD in 2020. The generation in 2035 and 2025 is calculated to be 26 MLD and 31 MLD respectively.

Table: Generation of Sewage in Future
Year 2020 2035 2050
Population 166349 205550 249687
Total Area in ha. 300.27 300.27 300.27
Total Water Demand 28.1 34.69 42.09
losses 15% 23.89 29.49 35.78
Water Supply Rate(Say) 144 144 144
Sewerage generation (80%) 115.2 115.2 115.2
Sewerage generation in MLD 19.16 23.68 28.76
infiltration in MLD (6000 liters/Ha./day) As per CPHEEO para 3.2.7 1.8 1.8 1.8
Total 20.96 25.48 30.56
Total Sewerage in MLD (Say) 21.00 26.00 31.00
LPCD Rate for Sewer generation(Say) 126 126 126