The commercial capital of central India, any alterations in Indore economy has a direct impact on the larger economic condition of India. Indore economy is expanding in all directions and it includes both the traditional agro industries and modern corporate and IT companies. One of the busiest cities of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is the economic nerve center of the state. With the flourishing of Indore economy, a number of management and engineering schools have been opened in Indore in order to supply the growing demand of professionals.

Indore accounts for about one third of the total ‘Namkeen’ (variety of gram flour snacks) production of India.

Namkeen Indore
Namkeen Indore
M T cloth market Indore
M T cloth market Indore
Maheshwari fabric
Bagh print fabric

Textile or garment industry is the traditional business of the region and it is still an integral part of Indore economy. There are a number of textile mills in the region and Indore still is the bastion of wholesale garments. There are a number of firms involved in export of textile and such business firms contribute a lot to the development of Indore economy. Besides textile, metal industries are also an integral part of Indore economy and it includes, alloy, automobile and steel industries.

Besides such traditional economic activities, Indore is gaining pace as a Tire II city of India. A testing ground for many companies, Indore economy also witnesses a very strong corporate presence. With the boom in the sector of Information Technology, a number of new small and big IT industries have come up in the city which are offering a numerous job. A separate electronic complex has been created in Indore which exemplifies the importance of IT in Indore economy. These complex houses offices of some of the top IT companies of India.

A major component of the Indore economy, the Industries in Indore contribute a considerable amount of revenue. The city has emerged as a major industrial center of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Pithampur near Indore is one of the largest hubs of vehicle and automobile industries in India. it is a well-known industrial estate referred to as the ‘Detroit of India’

Automobile in Indore is one of the numerous industries that contribute substantially to the Indore economy. In fact, it is these flourishing businesses whose success and prosperity can be attributed to Indore’s popular nickname, the business capital of Madhya Pradesh.

 economy Indore
economy Indore

The National Automotive Test Tracks (NATRAX-Indore) will be a world-class automotive proving ground setup on 3000 acres land for comprehensive testing and evaluation of all type of vehicles. The site is located between NH-3 and N-59 and well connected with road. The facility will have all types of surface type to test vehicles against varying terrains and stringency. The core of the facility is the oval 4-lane high speed track of 13.6 Km designed for a neutral speed of 250 kmph on curves. The large part of test load on this facility is related to evaluation of automotive performance such as max speed, acceleration, break, efficiency, noise, vibration, handling, stability etc. NATRAX will be the Center Of Excellence for Vehicle Dynamics. NATRiP has planned an expenditure of about Rs.Rs.500 Crores to create this world class facility

Facilities at the centers:

  • 1. Vehicle Dynamics Lab (Center of Excellence).
  • 2. R&DTracks (Proving Ground).
  • 3. NVH (testing on tracks).
  • 4. Fatigue (Testing on tracks).
  • 5. Powertrain La

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