SL. Project Name Implementing Agency Cost (Rs. Cr.) Project Category Fund Allocation Status
1 RF & Park Devlp Works betn Krishnapura Bridge to Jawahar Marg Bridge, Const of Parking Fac & Shops M/s S. K. Sodani 21.32 ABD Area SCM Completed
2 Improvement of Roads (Mhow Naka to Tori Corner) M/s P. D. Agarwal 21.31 ABD Area SCM Completed
3 U.G.cabling in ABD area with Comp. Sub stn. & SCADA sys. with related grid SS upgrad. work M/s Power and Instrumentation Guj. Ltd. 19.07 ABD Area SCM Completed
4  Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 11KV & LT Underground Cabling System with Compact Substation on Biyabani and Subhash Marg, Indore under Smart City Mission M/s Deepak Panchaity & Co. 11.98 ABD Area SCM Completed
5 Improvement of Roads (Vyas Bridge to Bada Ganpati and Bada Ganpati to Jinsi Bus Depot) M/s Som Projects Pvt. Ltd. 11.72 ABD Area SCM Completed
6 Improvement of Roads (Raj Mohalla to Bada Ganpati) M/s Som Projects Pvt. Ltd. 10.44 ABD Area SCM Completed
7  Redevelopment of Jinsi Haat Bazaar & Construction of Ancillary Buildings  M/s Vikash Constructions 10.12 ABD Area SCM Completed
8 Appointment of Project Development and Management Consultant for ABD projects for Indore Smart City Development Ltd. M/s Knight Frank India Pvt Ltd. JV with REPL 8.40 ABD Area SCM Completed
9 Construction and widening of Vyas Bridge at Bada Ganpati Indore M/s Prabha Exim Pvt.Ltd. 7.75 ABD Area SCM Completed
10 Construction of Chandrabhaga Bridge M/s Parshwa Builders 5.03 ABD Area SCM Completed
11  Riverfront Development – Chandrabhaga Bridge to Harsiddhi Bridge and Harsiddhi Park  M/s Sanjay Vyas, Govt Contractor & Supplier, Rajgarh 4.42 ABD Area SCM Completed
12  Built Heritage Conservation Chhatri Bagh ( Hari Rao Holkar Chhatri) M/s Knospe & Co LLP, Ranchi 4.42 ABD Area SCM Completed
13 Up-Gradation of Govt. Malaw Kanya Girls School Under Smart City Mission, Indore M/s R. K. Enterprises 4.03 ABD Area SCM Completed
14 Riverfront development works between Rambag Bridge to Krishnapura Bridge under Smart City Mission M/s Vijay Pratap Sharma 3.57 ABD Area SCM Completed
15 Construction of Central Median and Erection of Electrical Pole on Biyabani Road & Subhash Marg, Indore. M/s HPL Electric & Power Pvt. Ltd. 3.29 ABD Area SCM Completed
16 Construction of boundary wall, placing of fountain, horticulture, landscape and miscellaneous civil and electrical work including 3-year O&M (fountain and horticulture) for proposed Harsiddhi park, under Smart City Mission Indore Royal Infra Power Corporation 3.27 ABD Area SCM Completed
17 Various Work At Rajmohalla sqr to Bada Ganpati Sqr Under Smart City Project. M/s S. K. Sodani 2.78 ABD Area SCM Completed
18 Energy efficient Led street lighting with smart controls in ABD area and its Peripheral areas under SCM-additional work M/s Surya Roshni Limited 2.62 ABD Area SCM Completed
19 Infrastructural & Building Development Works of 1 School under Smart City Mission, Indore – Group 2 M/s Baba Developers, Indore 1.96 ABD Area SCM Completed
20 Various work at Bada Ganpati square to Jinsi Work shop Road under Indore Smart City Project M/s Amit Steel & Industries 1.92 ABD Area SCM Completed
21  Development of Laxman Singh Gaud School  M/s Barkat Construction & Consultancy 1.65 ABD Area SCM Completed
22 Infrastructural & Building Development Works of 3 Schools under Smart City Mission, Indore – Group 1 M/s Anjaney developers, Indore 1.53 ABD Area SCM Completed
23 Installation of Decorative facade lighting at Krishnapura Chatri at ABD area of Indore Smart City Project M/s M. R. Electrical 0.88 ABD Area SCM Completed
24 Supply,installation,testing and commisioning of a 2 TPD capacity organic waste converter machine alongwith operation and maintenance for processing of organic MSW at Jinsi Haat for 3 years M/s Swaaha Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. 0.74 ABD Area SCM Completed
25 Construction of obstructive temples in Road width at Mhow Naka to Biyabani Square under SCM M/s Baijnath Prasad Jaiswal 0.48 ABD Area SCM Completed
26 Appointment of Architect and design consultant for redevelopment of Jinsi Haat and development of other ancillary building project under Smart City Mission M/s S.N.S Associates 0.40 ABD Area SCM Completed
27 Conceptualization, designing & implementation of Heritage walk in the ABD area in Indore Smart City  M/s Dharohar 0.16 ABD Area SCM Completed
28 Conservation and Restoration of Krishnapura Chhatris Vansh Construction 0.60 ABD Area Convergence Completed
29 Supp.,erect. & commis. of Tranf. Stn. Equip. 6no. Static Compac. sys. with Loading mechanm.&18n deta M/s TPS 36.55 PAN City SCM Completed
30 Implementation of Command Control and Communications Centre M/s Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd. 33.24 PAN City SCM Completed
31 Supply and Installation of Energy Efficient LED street Lighting with Smart Controls in various wards in Pan City Indore under SCM-Package 1 M/s N.K. Electricals 13.53 PAN City SCM Completed
32 GPS Based -Human efficiency tracking system (imTrac) soft solution (Smart Watch) M/s ITI Limited , Bangalore 15.24 PAN City SCM Completed
33 Supp Erect & Comm of transfer Stn Equip 4n. Static Compc Sys with loadg mechn, 10 n detach con 6n Ho M/s Hyva India Pvt. Ltd. 11.79 PAN City SCM Completed
34 Appointment of technical and administrative Support unit for Indore Smart City Projects M/s Eptisa Servicious De Ingenieria S.L. Madrid, Spain 11.31 PAN City SCM Completed
35 Slum Beautification in various zones and wards at 16 Locations, Indore M/s Amit Steel And Industries 10.58 PAN City SCM Completed
36 Operation and Maintenance of transfer station with associated equipment and vehicles for Solid Waste Management M/s Inoplast Technologies 9.96 PAN City SCM Completed
37 Design, Develp., implementation and 0&M of Integrated SWM inc. Aadhar-based Biometric attd. syst. M/s Yash Technologies Ltd 9.34 PAN City SCM Completed
38 Procurement of Work Flow Management System for IMC & AICTSL, Indore M/s Amnex Infotechnologies 9.16 PAN City SCM Completed
39 Fixing of railings in welded sections on either side of the Bridges/ Culverts in various Zones in Indore City along with cleaning of River/ Nalla bed/sides using Poclain machine for 5 packages M/s Tirumala Enterprises. 8.13 PAN City SCM Completed
40 Construction of Jawahar marg bridge on River Sarasvati ,near Sanjay setu M/s Parshwa Builders 6.88 PAN City SCM Completed
41 Supp, inst & comm 15TPD cap Bio-methanation plant with O&M for treat of Org MSW at Kabitkhedi on VGF M/s Mailhem Ikos Enviroment Pvt. Ltd. 6.76 PAN City SCM Completed
42 Construction of Modular Type Rain Water Harvesting System/Storm Water Management by using Copolymer based Cross Wave Technology at various location in Indore city M/s Ashwath Infratech Pvt. Ltd. 6.72 PAN City SCM Completed
43 Chk survy, re-dsgn, Eng, Proc, Const EPC, Testng & comisng 1.5 MWp Solar PV Captive Power Kabitkhed M/s Novus Green Energy Systems Private Limited 5.94 PAN City SCM Completed
44 Installation of Smart LED street lighting with intelligent controls  in place of existing conventional street lighting Under SCP M/s Surya Roshni Limited 5.43 PAN City SCM Completed
45 Selection of Agencies for Supply ,Installation ,Operations and Maintenance of 1000 LPH Capacity Water Purifier & Cooler at 100 Locations in Indore M/s M/S KNB Wealth Solution Pvt.Ltd. 3.87 PAN City SCM Completed
46 Appointment of Project Development , Managment and Monitoring Consultant for ICT based Smart Solution for SCM projects of ISCDL M/s KPMG Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. 3.50 PAN City SCM Completed
47 Empanelment of agencies for City beautification through different type of artistic, heritage, graffiti painting work in various parts of city M/s Kmk Construction 3.46 PAN City SCM Completed
48 Development and maintenance for 3 years of vertical gardens at different selected places in Indore city for package 1 & 2 M/s Sheel Biotech Limited 3.43 PAN City SCM Completed
49 Construction of Garbage Transfer Stations at Kabitkhedi, Sanwer Road and Sirpur M/s United Corporation 3.30 PAN City SCM Completed
50 Establishment of Building and Interiors for C4 M/s D&T Constructions, Nagda 2.93 PAN City SCM Completed
51 Allotment of space for advertisment on 80 Community/public toilets (CT/PT) in indore on license basi M/s Swift Intermedia Convergence Ltd. 2.83 PAN City SCM Completed
52 Implementation of Smart Classrooms in Government Schools in Indore M/s Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited J/V Il&Fs Education & Technology Services Ltd. 2.67 PAN City SCM Completed
53 Civil work & covering for constr & demolit waste treatment plant at trenching grn Nemawar road Devgu M/s Manish Tainguriya 2.16 PAN City SCM Completed
54 Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning with PIXEL controlled LED Luminaries & Integration of Automation computer server with control & simulation of Lighting Effects in food street 56 Dukan Under Indore Smart City Mission M/s Spark Electronics 2.13 PAN City SCM Completed
55 Construction work for Extension of Existing GTS and other Additional Work at Star Square. M/s Manish Tainguriya 2.11 PAN City SCM Completed
56 Supply, Install, Integration and Maintenance of Integrated Man less Automation System IMAS for Door to Door Waste Transportation Vehicles at 9 Garbage Transfer Stations for ISCDL M/s Elbiz Systems Pvt. Limited 1.99 PAN City SCM Completed
57 PMC services for ABD area water supply and sewerage network system improvement work. M/s DRA Consultant Ltd. , Nagpur 1.83 PAN City SCM Completed
58 Construction work for Extension of Existing GTS and other Additional Work at Sangam Nagar. M/s Vijay Pratap Sharma 1.78 PAN City SCM Completed
59 Supp and establish of const & demolition waste processing plant of 100TPD capacity at Devguradiya M/s NP Infra, Ahmedabad 1.71 PAN City SCM Completed
60 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station near Rajshahi Hotel, Dhakkan Wala Kua. M/s Amit Steel & Industries Ltd 1.67 PAN City SCM Completed
61 Engagement of transaction advisor for supervision ,monitoring ,development and management of municipal cororation indore swachh card management system M/s Creative Company 1.60 PAN City SCM Completed
62 Bioremediation/ Biomining  of old dumped MSW at Devguradiya Dumping Ground M/s Etech Projects, Bikaner 1.50 PAN City SCM Completed
63 Empanelment of agencies for Providing and fixing mural, sculpture on specified place as per design approved in various parts of city M/s Prabhat Murti Kala Kendra, Sakshi Associates  And Mandana Graphics (Empanelment Of 3 Agencies) 1.48 PAN City SCM Completed
64 Civil works for Construction & Demolition collection and  transfer center at Kabitkhedi M/s International Marketing Organisation 1.39 PAN City SCM Completed
65 Establishment of various capacity solar PV captive Poer Plant on engineering , Procurement, construction (EPC) , Testing & Commissioning of 6 nos., 30/25 Kwp each at Sangam Nagar, Sirpur Dhar road ,sanwer road f sector , Star Sq, IT park & New Palasia ( Group 1 & Group 2 ) M/s Ujaas Energy Ltd. 1.39 PAN City SCM Completed
66 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at IT Park Indore under Smart City Mission M/s SS Infraestate India Pvt. Ltd. 1.36 PAN City SCM Completed
67 Supply, Installation, Implementation and Maintenance of GPS based Vehicle Tracking Solution (VTS) for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), CCTV Cameras at Community & Public Toilets and Integration of Weighbridge at Devguradia Landfill Site M/s Bio-Enable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pune 1.29 PAN City SCM Completed
68 SITC silent  DG Set with AMF Cntrl Panel, water colng based com with all accesr 30, 62.5,125 KVA DG M/s GD Anklesaria 1.17 PAN City SCM Completed
69 Construction of Additional shed at Garbage Transfer Station Located at Sanwer Road in sector F. M/s Amit Steel & Industries 1.13 PAN City SCM Completed
70 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at Star Square MR-10 Indore under Smart City Mission M/s Manish Tainguriya 1.12 PAN City SCM Completed
71 Civil works for Construction & Demolition collection and  transfer center at IT Park M/s Cementech Infra 1.08 PAN City SCM Completed
72 Civil works for Construction & Demolition collection and  transfer center at  Gandhi Nagar M/s Vijay Pratap Sharma 1.08 PAN City SCM Completed
73 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at Sangam Nagar under Smart City Mission M/s Vijay Pratap Sharma 1.07 PAN City SCM Completed
74 Civil work for construction and demolition collection and transfer center at Ahirkhedi M/s KMK Construction 1.05 PAN City SCM Completed
75 selection of vendor for census of trees using GIS and GPS Technology and Preparation of software to operate & Manage census data M/s Inforcrafts Web Solutions Private Limited 1.04 PAN City SCM Completed
76 Construction work for Extension of Existing GTS and other Additional Work at Lalbagh. M/s Radhe Raj Construction 1.00 PAN City SCM Completed
77 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at Lalbag Indore under Smart City Mission M/s SS Infraestate India Pvt. Ltd. 0.99 PAN City SCM Completed
78 Construction work for Extension of Existing GTS and other Additional Work at Azad Nagar M/s Vijay Pratap Sharma 0.99 PAN City SCM Completed
79 External electrification work of HT/LT line and transformer and line shifting in ABD area and PAN city area under SCM M/s Vijay Pratap Sharma 0.60 PAN City SCM Completed
80 Appointment of architect & consultant for PAN city work M/s Avnish Singh & Associates 0.93 PAN City SCM Completed
81 Supp & comm of 2.5TPD cap. Drum waste composting mach with O&M-3yr for treat of MSW at Regional Park M/s 7FS  Ravi Ramaswamy 0.85 PAN City SCM Completed
82 Construction of Garbage Transfer near Azad Nagar, Indore under Smart City Mission M/s SS Infraestate India Pvt. Ltd. 0.83 PAN City SCM Completed
83 Construction of Shed at Garbage transfer Station located at Dhar Road in Zone- 16 M/s  Shree Agrawal Infra 0.75 PAN City SCM Completed
84 Solar Power plants on terraces / roofs of buildings / 160 KW M/s Ujaas Energy Ltd., Indore 0.52 PAN City SCM Completed
85 Supp & comm of 1.0TPD cap org waste converter machine with O&M-3yr for treat of MSW at Nehru Park M/s 7FS  Ravi Ramaswamy 0.51 PAN City SCM Completed
86 Supp & commisng of 1.0TPD cap org waste converter machine with O&M-3yr for treatment of MSW  at ZOO. M/s  7FS Ravi Ramaswamy 0.51 PAN City SCM Completed
87 Supply of 10 Nos. waste bottle compaction with reverse vending machine M/s Biocrux India Pvt. Ltd. 0.50 PAN City SCM Completed
88 Construction of Garbage Transfer Station at New Palasia. M/s Amar Construction 0.49 PAN City SCM Completed
89 Additional work at Kabitkhedi Garbage Transfer Station for Construction of Office ,Road side railings ,leachate tank and other subsidiary work M/s Shri Satguru Sai Enterprises 0.47 PAN City SCM Completed
90 Construction of additional work at GTS IT Park ,Indore M/s Tirumala Construction 0.43 PAN City SCM Completed
91 Supply of 2.0 TPD  Bio Methanation near Star Square M/s Xeon Waste Management 0.42 PAN City SCM Completed
92 Balance Civil works at Garbage transfer station Sanwer road -F sector M/s Vansh Construction 0.39 PAN City SCM Completed
93 Supply, Eraction, Commisioning, Installation and Testing of 2 No. passanger Elevators/Lift with 3 Years Maintenance for various Locations under SCM M/s Orbis Elevator Co. Ltd. 0.30 PAN City SCM Completed
94 Construction of  Shed for Garbage Drum compost Plant at Regional Park M/s Trimula Construction 0.29 PAN City SCM Completed
95 Internal and Decorative electrification work at Various locations in Pan City , Under SCM M/s Human Matrix 0.28 PAN City SCM Completed
96 Construction of  Shed for Garbage Drum compost Plant at Zoo. M/s Shree Tirupati Balaji Construction 0.24 PAN City SCM Completed
97 External electrification work of HT/LT line and transformer and line shifting in ABD area and PAN city area under SCM (Additional Work) M/s Vijay Pratap Sharma 0.24 PAN City SCM Completed
98 Construction of  Shed for Garbage Drum compost Plant at Nehru Park M/s Vansh Construction 0.22 PAN City SCM Completed
99 Selection of consultancy and preparation of RFP for Supply Testing Commissioning of grid Connected Solar PV generating plants at Various locations under Smart City Projects M/s Electricity No Problem 0.20 PAN City SCM Completed
100 Boundary Wall Construction Work for Biomethanation Plant at Choithram Sabji Mandi M/s Srajan Infra Developers 0.19 PAN City SCM Completed
101 Networking Work at Smart City Office, Nehru Park, Indore M/s Aparajit Dhamija 0.18 PAN City SCM Completed
102 Construction of hall on 2nd floor of existing ISCDL Office building ,Nehru park M/s Vansh Construction 0.16 PAN City SCM Completed
103 Renovation of Existing building ,construction of toilet block,shed and miscellaneous civil, electrical work, interior work in Indore Smart City office,Nehru park M/s Vansh Construction 0.15 PAN City SCM Completed
104 HT & LT Electrification including CCTV Work at New Palasia Garbage Transfer Station M/s Vijay Pratap Sharma 0.13 PAN City SCM Completed
105 appointment of consultant for development & assistance for validation ,registration, verification ,issuence and trading of eligible carbon credits projects as CDM(Clean development Machanism)VCS (verified carbon standard) project M/s EKI Energy Services Limited 0.10 PAN City SCM Completed
106 Supply, Installations, Testing and Commisioning 20 KVA UPS & 3 KVA Inverter with Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for a period of 3 Years M/s R.K. Jain 0.09 PAN City SCM Completed
107 HT Line extension & installation ,Testing and Commisioning of 100 KVA transformer, Garbage Transfer Station at Lal Baag Indore under SCM M/s Nitin Jain-N.K. Electricals 0.09 PAN City SCM Completed
108 HT line Extension, Installation ,Testing & Commisioning of 200 KVA Transformer at Choithram Mandi, Biomethenization plant under Swachh Bharat Mission M/s P.N. Singh Engineer And Contractor 0.05 PAN City SCM Completed
109 Total Station Survey of the old garbage at Devguradia Trenching ground M/s SNS Associates ,Indore 0.05 PAN City SCM Completed
110 Temporary installation of CCTV camera and optical fiber cable during law and order situation in Indore city. M/s Magic Sollutions and Digiana Project Pvt. Ltd. 1.05 PAN City SCM Completed
111  External Electrification Work of HT/LT Line and Transformer, Line-Shifting at Various Places in ABD and Pan City Indore under Indore Smart City( Phase 2 )  M/S Vijay Pratap Sharma 0.69 PAN City SCM Completed
112  Conservation & Restoration of Gandhi hall  M/s AAIC Building Solutions Limited 6.62 PAN City SCM Completed
113 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 300 TPD 1 shift capacity Automated Material Recovery Facility for Dry Municipal waste generated in Indore Municipal Area along with Operation and Maintenance for 20 years at Devguradiya on VGF Model. M/s Nepra Resource Management Pvt Ltd. 11.48 PAN City PPP Completed
114 Supp, inst & comm of 20TDP cap Bio-metha Plant with O&M for treat of org MSW at Choitram Mandi- VGF M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Limited 7.20 PAN City PPP Completed
115 Implementation of Building Healthy City Under Smart City Mission on PPP basis M/s John Snow India Pvt. Ltd. 5.00 PAN City PPP Completed
116 Smart parking mang (sensors, hardware, software, App devt, smart cards) for MLCP-3 LOC under PPP Mod M/s Building Control Systems, Bangalore 2.00 PAN City PPP Completed
117 Allotment of space for advertisement on 100 Public urinals in Indore on license basis for 5 years M/s Shukla Publicity 1.26 PAN City PPP Completed
118 Operation and maintenance of 200 TPD material recovery facility for dry municipal waste generated in Indore for 3 years at MRF-2 Devguradia M/s Human Matrix Securities 0.51 PAN City PPP Completed
119 Purchase of 40 Electric vehicles from reputed electric vehicle manufacturing company under FAME scheme of Govt of india M/s Tata Motors Limited 34.28 PAN City Convergence Completed
120 Construction of Houses and development of Infrastructure for identified Slum Localities in Indore M.P at Limbodi  Khasra No. 229, Indore M/s Jethanand And Sons 27.40 PAN City Convergence Completed
121 Improvement & Rejuvenation of Existing Raw & Clear Water System i/c. Treatment & Pumping System & other ancillary works. M/s Asiatic Traders, Indore 26.55 PAN City Convergence Completed
122 Empanelment of Agencies for Supporting Door to Door collection of Municipal Solid waste & various IEC activities in all wards of IMC M/s Human Matrix Securite 9.35 PAN City Convergence Completed
123 Supply ,maintainance and operation of 50 fully electric cars in INDORE on lease model for 5 years M/s Energy Efficient Services Ltd. 7.43 PAN City Convergence Completed
124 Construction of Houses and development of infrastructure for identified Slum localities in Indore , M.P. at Bada Bangerda Khasra no. 242/1 M/s Jyoti Infratech Company 44.95 PAN City Convergence Completed
125 Construction of Houses of and Development of Infrastructure for identified slum localities in Indore M.P. under PMAY at Bada Bangarda Budhania and Bada Bangarda Extention. M/s Kunal Structure (India) Pvt. Ltd.,Ahmedabad 173.70 PAN City Convergence Completed
126 Procurement, laying, jointing, testing & commissioning of Feeder mains for overhead tanks and design, construction, testing & commissioning of overhead tanks & bulk water management system including SCADA under Indore water supply system plus 10 years operation and maintenance. M/s. Ramky Infrastructure Ltd., Hyderabad 280.00 PAN City Convergence Completed
Total 1080.15