How to Reach Indore

Indore is the largest city in the state of Madhya Pradesh as well as its commercial capital. Therefore, it is well connected with the whole of India by road, rail as well as air transport services. Indore is also a tourist destination due to which the city has proper transport channels. For the convenience of the visitors there are regular services of bus, train and flights.


Indore is served by the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport. Indore airport is about 8 km from the city and currently handles only domestic traffic. The new terminals are presently under construction, as the airport is expanding. The airport has been operating services by Indian Airlines, Jet Airways Konnect, Jet Lite, Kingfisher Red, IndiGo. Indore has a direct connectivity to major cities of India like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Jabalpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Pune, Raipur and Srinagar.

Indore airport has good infrastructure and facilities. The airport also provides free wireless internet connectivity using Wi-Fi.

Smart City Indore
Smart City Indore
Smart City Indore
Smart City Indore


The Indore railway network is part of the Ratlam Division of the Western Railways. Indore is one of the few places in India with both meter gauge and broad gauge railways tracks operational. Regular train services connect Indore to most parts of the country. There are direct trains to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata (Howrah), Chennai, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jammu, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhopal, Nagpur, Patna and other major towns. The Indore junction is the main station in the city. Four other small stations, Rajendra Nagar, Lokmanya Nagar, Saifee Nagar and Lakshmibai Nagar provide short distance services to nearby towns and villages. Indore lies on the longest functional meter gauge line in India between Jaipur and Purna.


Indore is fairly well connected to different parts of Madhya Pradesh as well as India

  • The major national highways passing through the city are:
  • o National Highway No. 3 (NH3 – Agra Bombay)
  • o National Highway No. 59 (NH 59 – Indore Ahmedabad)
  • o National Highway No. 59A (Indore – Betul – Nagpur connecting NH 69 )

The Mumbai- Indore section of the National Highway No. 3 and the Ahmedabad – Indore section of the National Highway No. 59 are undergoing multi laning under the NHDP program.

  • Other important regional highways are:
  • State Highway No. 27 (Kota to Indore – Indore to Burhanpur, connectivity: NH52 to NH8)
Smart City Indore
Smart City Indore
Smart City Indore
  • Inter State connectivity:
  • Bhopal, Barwani, Khandwa, Ujjain, Dewas, Dhar, Ratlam, Khargoan, Jhabua and Agar
    • Intra State connectivity:
    • North: Agra, Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Kota, Jaipur
    • South: Nashik, Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore
    • East: Nagpur, Kolkata
    • West: Udaipur, Baroda, Ahmedabad

This makes the place very accessible. The city is connected to all the major and minor cities nearby, via proper roads. There are bus services to and from Indore to facilitate traveling.

The major bus terminals are Sarwate bus terminal, Gangwal bus terminal, Navlakha bus stand.

Local Transport

Developments in last two years, has made the local transportation in Indore, one of the best and cheapest ones not only in Madhya Pradesh, but in the whole country. There are a number of means of transport in Indore which will help you to move around and explore the city. You can choose from these options according to your comfort and requirement.

  • o Indore BRTS (ibus)
    The Indore BRTS commonly known as ibus has 11.5 km operational length at present and 20 km is further proposed. The corridor is fully equipped with free high-speed Wi-Fi internet service for commuters.
  • o City Bus
  • o Cab services – metro taxi, star cab
  • o Auto-Rickshaws (CNG fueled)
  • o City Van (Maruti Omni or Tata Magic)
  • o Vehicle on rent by private travel agency

The municipal corporation of Indore has launched a public transport system Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd, a PPP scheme operates buses, radio taxis, e-bike in the city. Under Smart city project in order to have last mile connectivity in the city, 1000 e-cycles will be provided for the citizens. The buses – designated as City Bus today operate on 36 Routes, with around 170 bus stop stations. The buses are color coded according to their route. Some of these buses are also equipped with services like GPS and IVR (around 300) which are used to track the position of the bus with information displayed on LED displays installed on the bus stops. This helps the people in preparing their daily schedule as well as save time. These local buses are considered the best in India. The seats in the buses are arranged in variable level. This ensures quality journey for the passengers on the back seats. The bus drivers and conductors are well mannered, neatly dressed and have pleasing attitude. The front seats are reserved for females, making the journey very convenient for women passengers. As a result, these buses are very popular among the local people. As a matter of fact both the government as well as the public is in profit since the inception of these buses.

BRTS Indore


BRTS Indore


BRTS Indore


Excursions from Indore



The pilgrimage town of Ujjain is about 56 km from Indore. It traces its origin to the very dawn of Indian history. Hindu astronomy, astrology and geography have Ujjain as the base for calculations which is the “Greenwich” of Hindu astronomers and astrologers. Situated on the bank of Kshripra, it is one of the oldest holy cities of India. It is place of one of the Kumbh Melas. It was the capital of the Avanti Nagari of Raja Bhoj and poet Kalidasa. It had become a great centre for learning during the rule of the great legendary king Vikramaditya. The temple of Mahakaleshwar is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Bhartrihari caves, Sandipani (Shri Krishna’s Guru) Ashram, ancient observatory are some of the places to visit.



The holy town of Omkareshwar is also about 77 kms from Indore. It is an island on the confluence of the rivers Narmada and Kaveri. This place has hundreds of Hindu/Jain temples. The most important being the one housing one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, which has made this place an important pilgrimage centre since ancient times. A boat ride in Narmada river around the island of Omkareshwar is quite enjoyable.



Maheshwar, 90 kms from Indore is mentioned in Ramayan and Mahabharat as Mahishmati. It became famous when Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar made it her capital. It is famous for its sarees – Maheshwari sarees – known for their unique weave.



The historical fort of Mandu (Mandav gadh or the “City of Joy” [Shadiabad] ) is about 90km from Indore. Founded in the 10th century as a Fort-Capital by the Parmar rulers, this extensive, now deserted hilltop fort is one of the most interesting sites in Madhya Pradesh. This is supposed to be the biggest fort in India (82km perimeter) and has ruins of lots of palaces, baths, pavilions of the past, when it was a busy town. The tomb of Hoshang Shah is supposed to be the inspiration behind Shah Jehan’s celebrated Taj Mahal. Jahaj Mahal, H indola Mahal, Ashrafi Mahal are some of the notable monuments. Each of these is an architectural gem in the Afghan style. The legend of the romance of Rani Roopmati and Baj Bahadur haunts this place which is quite beautiful in rainy season.

dewas tekri


Dewas is 36 kms from Indore. Its name is derived from a hill in its vicinity known as Devi Vashini, on which is perched a temple of its presiding deity Chamunda Devi. Earliest mention of Dewas is in the epic poem Chandi bardai of 16th century. Most beautiful spot is the Devi hall where there are several temples cut out in rocky walls with images in relief.



Hanumantiya island is a newly introducted water tourism destination in Madhya Pradesh tourism. It is close to Khandwa town in Western Madhya Pradesh. It is developed & promoted by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. The name “Hanumantiya” is derived from local village name with same name which lies in Malhagarh Tehsil of Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh. State Tourism Department found this region suitable for water tourism activity so decided to develop it in which they developed the boat-club, accommodation facility, ensured good road connectivity etc.

Choral Dam

Choral Dam

Choral is just 45 km from Indore, another attraction with awestruck view and spectacular water fall, appealing to any days plan. The new development of M. P. tourism, having good resort with all modern facilities has in turn made it a reiterating site. Speed and paddle boats are available 9 to 6 pm. A decent food at restaurants and cooperating staff around makes would make the trip more in synch. The place is an ideal option for a picnic with family and friends and a dweller to nature and photography lovers

PatalPani Waterfalls

Patal Pani

Patal Pani, 36 kms from Indore towards Mhow, is famous for its scenic waterfall. Water falls from a height of 150 feet into a kund whose depth is still unfathomed. It is popularly believed that the bottom of this deep kund [trench] reaches Patal (the mythological world below Earth ), hence the name Patal Pani