The exercise was conducted in 3 phases to ratify the findings from desk review and to seek endorsement of citizens for the proposal. The extent of citizens involved more than 25% of the population (with 591965 interactions through all mediums). Indore received 1.45 lakh+ comments/suggestions on mygov placing it among top in the country

The total interactions in round 1, 2 and 3 were 253180, 173989 and 164796 resp. The strategy adopted ensured inclusion of all age-groups and professions. Substantial 58% involvement was from youth (age group of 18 to 24).

Balanced participation of both genders (62% male) while profession-wise segregation shows substantial 28% involvement of students/youth, followed by working professional’s and general public (19% each), homemakers (16%), various service providers (7%), businessmen/industrialists/traders (6%), and senior citizens (5%)

After finalization of ABD Area, door to door consultation was done, reaching up to 75% of the ABD population (89,247 persons). Through other means another 52,293 comments/suggestions were received on draft ABD proposal.

Indore Smart City – official website: Exclusive website for informing citizen about SCP preparation, seeking citizen’s input (through comment and voting separately for all 3 rounds), informing about all scheduled activities/events, showcasing all news and media coverage, updating about project progress and providing links to all other mediums

Online mediums

MyGov portal: discussions and polls under various rounds were held, essay competition and talk show were conducted. Indore received substantial participation through this medium (more than 1.21 lakhs comments/suggestions).

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Whatsaap: Suggestions were invited, received and all activities and project status were posted on social media.

Offline Mediums:

  • Face-to-face Consultations: 23 separate consultations targeting different groups
  • Written submission’s in the form of questioners: through kiosks and mobile van
  • Painting competition: 6500 & “run/walk for smart-indore” Marathon:10000 participants
  • Local Print and Media: Regular coverage in Local media with more than 200 articles
  • TV & Radio Coverage: Broadcasting of Mayors message on FM and local channels
  • Door to Door Consultation in ABD: 89247 people were reached in selected ABD