Figure: Commercial Use in ABD Area

Area surrounding the Rajwada displays a mix of uses like other city centers, but a pattern is evident from the existing land use. The central area, adjacent to Rajwada, primarily consists of commercial use with a few structures with residential use on upper floors. This commercial cum mixed use is predominant in the ‘core of the ABD area’. This core is bounded by M.G Road, Maulana Azad Road, Jawahar Marg and the River and is evidently different from the rest of the area, as per land use survey. Also, area to the north of MG Road towards Subhash Marg shows location of commercial use, especially along the roads. Again, use abutting the major roads MG Road, Jawahar Marg, Biyabani Road, Shitla Mata Mandir Road, Imli Bazar Road and Gangwal to Chandrabhaga road is a mix of commercial and mixed use. The map below shows distribution of primarily commercial use in the ABD area.

Markets in Rajwada

Apart from being a historical core, Rajwada precinct can also be understood depending upon the various types of bazar and the commodities sold. These variety of bazaars has developed the links with the commodities sold and also an associative bond between the shopkeepers and the buyers. This type of association is very prominent in everyday life.

Maharaja Tukoji Rao Cloth Market- Kapda Bazaar

The market is situated in close proximity to the Rajwada (monument) and deals with a business of wholesale and retail trade in cloth since its establishment in 1918 has forced continued infiltration of its activities in adjoining residential areas.

Vegetable Market

The whole and retail fruit market is located near Veer Savarkar market and adjoining area near Krishnapura Chhatri on the road edge creating conflict in movement of pedestrian and vehicle further congesting the area in the core.

Hardware- Bohra Bazar

This market seats at the back of cloth market and also have some shops at Jawahar marg. This trade has also assumed the status of regional market. Loharpatti is also known as communal market as it dominantly has shops whose owners belong to Bohra community.

Gold & Silver Market – Sarafa Bazaar

The market is tactfully located near Rajwada which was planned so as to enjoy the security of being in close proximity to the Royal palace. The market today has dual nature; it is fully fleshed gold and silver market which has a typology which allows the market to transform into a food bazaar (khau- gali) at night.

Decoration Items

This market is situated all along the forecourt of Rajwada. This market is active during all months of the year. The items keep on changing depending upon the various festivals. It provender decoration items aiding to Diwali decoration to decoration during Christmas.

Khajuri Bazaar

The market is situated on both the edge of Mahatma Gandhi road from Gora Kund Chauraha to Rajwada. It is a retail as well as whole sale market of books, notebooks and wedding cards. It is the only market of its kind in whole Indore which provides vivid varieties of paper.

Marothiya Bazaar

This market deals in spices and grocery items. The market has both wholesale and retail Units.

Bartan Bazaar

Bartan Bazaar also known as Kasera Bazaar is specially known for its wide variety of Utensils and Metal wares. This market also deals in wholesale and retails. This area has a unique identity with decorated utensils being displayed on the shop fronts which sometime achieve four storey height during Diwali celebrations.

Figure: Specialized Markets in ABD Area