SL. Project Name Implementing Agency Cost as per Work Order Financial Progress Financial
Progress (%)
1 Built Heritage Conservation Gopal Mandir M/s Rajputana Construction Pvt Ltd. 14.03 6.16 43.91 WIP
2 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 11KV & LT
Underground Cabling System with Compact Substation on Biyabani and Subhash Marg, Indore under Smart City Mission
Deepak Panchaity & Co. 11.98 11.17 93.24 WIP
3 Riverfront Development – Jawahar Bridge to Chandrabhaga Bridge M/s Garden Paradise 2.18 0.15 6.88 WIP
4 Riverfront Development – Chandrabhaga Bridge to Harsiddhi Bridge and Harsiddhi Park M/s Sanjay Vyas, Govt Contractor &
Supplier, Rajgarh
4.42 4.42 100.00 WIP
5 Implementation of Command Control and Communications Centre Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Pvt.
33.24 5.85 17.60 WIP
6 Redevelopment of Jinsi Haat Bazaar & Construction of Ancillary
M/s Vikash
10.12 7.92 78.26 WIP
7 Built Heritage Conservation Chhatri Bagh ( Hari Rao Holkar Chhatri) Knospe & Co LLP
, Ranchi
4.42 4.17 94.34 WIP
8 Design, Develp., implementation and 0&M of Integrated SWM inc.
Aadhar-based Biometric attd. syst.
Yash Technologies Ltd 9.34 5.03 53.85 WIP
9 RF & Park Devlp Works betn Krishnapura Bridge to Jawahar Marg
Bridge, Const of Parking Fac & Shops
M/s S.K. SODANI 21.32 8.95 41.98 WIP
10 Conservation, Restoration & Redevelopment of Rajwada, Indore Knospe & Co LLP
, Ranchi
17.22 2.66 15.45 WIP
11 Development of Public urinals 100 nos. inc O&M and Management at various locations on PPP model Highway Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 3.40 WIP
12 Riverfront Development – Harsiddhi Bridge to Gangour Bridge M/s Brick &
7.86 WIP
13 Riverfront Development – Gangour Bridge to Jairam Bridge M/s Vijay Pratap
9.18 4.23 46.08 WIP
14 Riverfront Development – Jairam Bridge to Lal Bagh Bridge M/s Garden Paradise 9.75 1.53 15.69 WIP
15 Improvement of Water Supply & Sewerage Systems in ABD Area of Indore Smart City and O&M for 10 years M/s Vishnu Prakash R R Pungalia Ltd 237.50 31.07 13.08 WIP
16 Infrastructural & Building Development Works of 3 Schools under Smart City Mission, Indore – Group 3 M/s S.S. Intrastate India Pvt. Ltd., Indore 2.18 0.98 44.95 WIP
17 Traffic Management (RVT, Fleet Management System, PIS), AVL and
Infinium Solutionz,
31.60 11.14 35.25 WIP
18 U.G Cabling with Compact Type Sub-Stations for Silawatpura Dargah to
Chandrabhaga Bridge Package -2
25.59 2.42 9.46 WIP
19 UG Cabling with Compact Type Sub-Stns for Jawahar Marg Raj Mohalla
sq.- Sanjay setu Bridge Package-3
Prashant Builders 24.67 2.47 10.01 WIP
20 Selection of system integrator for Designing ,Implementation and Maintenance of City Enterprise GIS platform for ISCDL Indore M/s Amnex
Infotechnologies Private Limited
12.83 0.67 5.22 WIP
21 Smart Poles Project including CCTV, Environmental Sensors,WiFi,C4
Integration, OFC, etc.(under PPP)
M/s Reliance Jio
Infocomm Ltd.
334.07 Work Order Issued
22 Heritage Shopping Complex G Plus 2 work at Gopal Mandir Premises. M/s CMM
6.73 2.74 40.71 WIP
23 Development of Integrated Smart Road Network including Construction of Central Median, laying of Electrical RCC duct, OFC duct, storm water duct, shifting of existing overhead electrical line and various miscellaneous work in ABD area in Indore under Smart City Mission-
Landmark corporation pvt. Ltd. 60.59 2.98 73.95 WIP
24 Development of Laxman Singh Gaud School M/s Barkat Construction &
1.65 0.31 18.79 WIP
25 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 300 TPD 1 shift capacity Automated Material Recovery Facility for Dry Municipal waste generated in Indore Municipal Area along with Operation and Maintenance for 20
years at Devguradiya on VGF Model.
nepra resource management pvt ltd. 20.00 WIP
26 Construction of Sludge Irradiation Plant for Sludge hygienisation near
STP at Kabitkhedi, Indore
M/s Aakar
10.78 WIP
27 Construction of Amphitheater in Gopal Mandir Campus including Civil, structural, acoustic, electrical, audio video system and air-conditioning Khialdas Constructions 10.07 1.10 10.92 WIP
28 Conservation, restoration and redevelopment of Boliya Sarkar Chattri under Smart City Mission Rajputana Constructions Pvt. Ltd. 3.81 0.33 8.66 WIP
29 Place making and visual improvement for selected roads / junctions of
Indore in 10 different packages
pkg 3 -avi
42.52 7.97 18.74 WIP
30 Conservation, restoration and redevelopment of Malhar rao
M/s AAIC Building
4.23 WIP
31 Construction of Multipurpose building (phase 1)in place of old Marathi
school under smart city mission at MG Road indore
sk sodani 20.74 4.58 22.08 WIP
32 Design,Procurement,Installation and Commissioning of plant and
machinery for 1500 kci Gamma Radiation processing unit for Dry city sludge hygienisation and fortification for agricultural applications and its operation,maintenance and management at STP plant ,Khasra
33 Construction of religious structure obstructing in widening of Gangwal
to Chanddrabhaga Road
vansh construction 1.19 0.42 35.29 WIP
34 Development of integrated smart road network in ABD area under
smart city mission-Package 1
M/s Shubh
38.77 Work Order Issued
35 Development of integrated smart road network in ABD area under
smart city mission package 3
M/s Shubh
37.05 Work Order Issued
36 Development of integrated smart road network in ABD area under
smart city mission,Package 4
M/s Landmark
Corporation Pvt Ltd
36.49 Work Order Issued
37 Development of integrated smart road network in ABD area under
M/s S.K. Sodani 14.28 Work Order Issued
38 Construction of Modular Type Rain Water Harvesting System/Storm Water Management by using Copolymer based Cross Wave Technology
at various location in Indore city
M/S Ashwath Infratech Pvt. Ltd. 6.72 4.58 68.15 WIP
39 Conservation & Restoration of Gandhi hall AAIC Building
Solutions Limited
6.62 2.22 33.53 WIP
40 Supply, Installation, Maintenance & Operation of Bio-Methane Plant for 5 years on Specified Location. Mailhem Ikos Environment Pvt. Ltd. 0.10 Work Order Issued
41 Infrastructure Upgradation and Improvement for Commuter Safety
under SCM.
M/s KRM Infra 40.56 Work Order Issued
42 Selection of Concessionaire to Design, Develop, Implement, Operate, Maintain and Transfer of Two-Wheeler Parking in Indore city on PPP Basis | A. 200 Nos. Two -Wheeler parking at Yashwant Ganj ,M.G. Road ,
B. 50 Nos.Two-Wheeler Parking in ABD area of Indore City
M/s Vision Elevators Private Limited 3.54 0.35 10.00 WIP
43 Housekeeping & Caretaking Services for Indore Smart City Nehru Park office. M/s Raj Security Force labour Supplier
Pvt. Ltd.
0.97 Work Order Issued
44 External Electrification Work of HT/LT Line and Transformer, Line-
Shifting at Various Places in ABD and Pan City Indore under Indore Smart City( Phase 2 )
M/S Vijay Pratap Sharma 0.69 Work Order Issued
45 Selection of Master System Integrator (MSI) for Implementation of Intelligent Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) for ISCDL M/s Technosys
Security Systems Pvt. Ltd.
60.00 Work Order Issued
46 Selection of Consultant for developing/designing an integrated
surveillance plan for Indore city
M/s Sukhmani Safety
1.80 WIP
47 Procurement of Work Flow Management System for IMC & AICTSL,
9.16 5.85 63.86 WIP
48 Interior, Civil, Electrical, Airconditioning, Firefighting and other
miscellaneous works in under construction ICCC building, AICTSL campus Indore.
M/s Bonton TechnomakePvt. Ltd 4.19 Work Order Issued
49 Boundry wall, Road, Passenger Lift and other miscellaneous works for
ICCC building, AICTSL Campus, Indore
M/s Vijay Pratap
1.80 Work Order Issued
50 Interior, Civil, Electrical, Air-conditioning, Firefighting and other miscellaneous works in under construction Chhatripura Thana building
M/s Reecan interior Solutions 1.83 Work Order Issued
51 GPS Based -Human efficiency tracking system (imTrac) soft solution ITI Limited , Bangalore 15.24 0.09 0.59 WIP
52 Development of Garden on entrance portion , frontage of Lalbagh
palace and on open land opposite to lalbagh Palace.
M/s Arjn Construction 1.62 0.74 45.68 WIP
TOTAL COST 1298.34