Distribution of area under recreational land use, covering parks and playgrounds, is skewed in the ABD area. Big parks are present in the planned residential areas in the western part of the ABD area and are non-existent in other areas. Parks and playground occupy only 6 Ha of land which is 4% of the total area. This indicates deficiency in green spaces in the ABD area. The map below shows the distribution of green areas in the ABD area.

There are significant number of heritage sites/ buildings in ABD area. Some of the well-known sites are: Rajwada, Bada Ganapati, Krishnapura Chhatri, Gopal Mandir, Hari Rao Holkar Chhatri, Kanch Mandir, Durga Mata Mandir, Mallhar Rao Holker Chhatri.

Figure: Recreational Use in ABD Area