Public Spaces - Ongoing Programs

Undeveloped Gardens

Gardens have several benefits for the people and the environment as they create a sense of community among neighbors who are increasingly disconnected from each other. Transforming underdeveloped garden spaces would be a win-win for everyone as it will create a safe and beautiful place to gather for humans and beneficial plants, insects, and animals.


Anganwadi or rural child care centres is derived from the Hindi word “Angan”, meaning courtyard of a house, symbolic of a place where people meet, greet and discuss pertinent issues. Anganwadi centres cater to women and young children and provide basic healthcare facilities such as contraceptive counselling, supply, nutrition education, and pre-school activities. As a result, spaces around the centres must be made women and child friendly.

Residual Spaces

Such spaces refer to the void created by constructing dead-end streets or other infrastructures and abandoned designed places. Assigning new values to dead-end alleys, vacant corners, or strangely shaped land parcels unlocks opportunities for urban development, eventually enhancing living conditions in densely populated cities, thereby increasing their potential.