Pursuant to Mission Statement and Guidelines of Smart Cities Mission and Office Memorandum No. K-15016/81/2016-SC.I dated 05.09.2016, issued by Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, a Smart City Advisory Forum is established for the purpose of advising and enabling collaboration among various stakeholders.

The Forum established with District Collector, Member of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly, Mayor, CEO of SPV, Local Youths, Technical Experts and one member from the area who is a,

  • President/ Secretary representing residential welfare association
  • Member of Registered Tax Payers Association/Rate Payer Association
  • President/Secretary of slum level federation, and
  • Member of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) or Mahila Mandal/ Chamber of Commerce / Youth Association

The CEO of the SPV will be the convener of the Smart City Advisory Forum.