Projects - Green Belt Development

The prosperity and economic growth of a city depends, to a large extent, on its green wealth. Most of the anthropogenic activities generate pollution in one or other types and of different magnitude in Indore, for which all the organisms are exposed. Indore Municipal Corporation is looking for valuable support of corporates for commitment of CSR to take up responsibility of greenbelt areas in Indore city. Municipal Corporation will identify the Govt. land across the city and provide support in ensuring all permissions, boundary marking and other field related issues to provide clear and marked area.

1) Project Ahilya Van: Indore Municipal Corporation need support of CSR in developing 20 Land parcels of city as Ahilya Van by doing dense plantation. This project will be implemented in supervision of Indore Smart City. Cobranding of Company’s CSR will be allowed. The support of CSR will be much valuable and recognized for contribution in environment saving practices. Please connect with CSR Expert – Indore Municipal Corporation on

2) Project Garden Development: Indore Municipal Corporation is developing 100 undeveloped garden into proper systematic park for citizens. These gardens/parks will be the places to increase biodiversity and decrease the heat areas in the city. Please connect with the CSR Expert-Indore Municipal Corporation on

List of projects

S. No. Sub - Project Name Status Location
1 Demo Project 01 Completed Scheme no 71
2 Demo Project 02 WIP Bangali Square
3 Demo Project 03 WIP Vijay Nagar

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