Projects - Rooftop Rainwater harvesting

Indore Municipal Corporation is requesting CSR and voluntary organizations to join hands to address the problem of Intensive exploitation of groundwater, without estimation of periodic recharge and available groundwater storage which results into depletion in groundwater levels. A very important remedial measures such as rooftop rainwater harvesting, artificial recharge of groundwater and runoff water conservation have been adopted to overcome water scarcity problems in various parts of the city. Induced groundwater recharge effected by installation of Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting Structures (RTHS) on the roof top areas of individual and community buildings are widely applicable method for conserving and augmenting available water resources. CSR are requested to contribute in providing filters to install Rooftop Rainwater harvesting system to achieve the target. This year the target is to cover 1 lakh buildings of city with this rooftop rainwater harvesting system.

List of projects

S. No. Sub - Project Name Status Location
1 Demo Project 01 Completed Scheme no 71
2 Demo Project 02 WIP Bangali Square
3 Demo Project 03 WIP Vijay Nagar

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